Strategic Advocacy gets people involved in public issues. We help craft messages that work; we mobilize friends and constituents to help deliver the messages; and we ensure the desired policy-makers hear them. With strong operations in both New England and Florida, Strategic Advocacy helps our clients achieve results in Public Affairs, Campaigns and Lobbying.

With every Strategic Advocacy project, we are commited to ensuring that our work meets three standards:

  • It's not about us, it's about your strategic goal. We get the message out front and keep our work behind-the-scenes.
  • We appreciate the local angle. Every project we pursue carefully considers the unique local factors that impact how it plays out.
  • You can hold us accountable for our work. At the beginning of an effort, we lay out the objectives with our client and set clear deliverables to be provided along the way.

Strategic Advocacy is a critical asset to corporations and organizations of all sizes in New England and Florida.



Roy W. Lenardson
45 Memorial Circle
Augusta, ME 04330